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When temperatures are falling, zero degrees is the freezing point of fresh water. Compared to free-flowing water, ice seems immutable. This is an illusion. The ice in an iceberg may have formed as part of a glacier many millennia ago, but even a glacier changes every moment. Once detached and floating on the ocean, the ice changes more quickly, plunging and somersaulting in the salty sea. Currents carve it into incredible textures until, eventually, it melts into nothingness. When temperatures are rising, zero degrees is the melting point of water, and change happens fast these days. This portfolio could just as easily have been titled 'fragile', or even 'gone'.

Valley of Ice
The Wall
Ice I
Ice II
Ice IV
Ice V
Ice IX
Ice VI
Ísfoss IV
Ísfoss I and II
Ísfoss V and VII
Ísfoss VIII
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